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64379Re: Micro Trawler, Hawkeye, Retriever options?

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  • apraphett777
    Sep 6, 2010
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      If I remember right MAIB had a cartoon for a stretched MT it seems like it may have been about 18" I always thought that would be the one to build seems like the cabin had a double bunk .

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Rick Bedard <sctree@...> wrote:
      > I built and still own a Bolger Microtrawler, "Reddy". I built it (with Bolger's
      > blessings) as an "open cockpit" version, with no aft doghouse. Looks more like a
      > tug than a trawler. There are pics in the photo section. Several times over the
      > years I entertained the thought of cutting it in half just forward of the main
      > bulkhead and splicing in an 8' cabin (might as well use the full length of
      > plywood sheets) making a great living space between the pilothouse and aft
      > cockpit. I think it would make a great cruiser, sort of a simplified
      > Retriever.... and because of the shape and form of Microtrawler it really
      > wouldn't be hard to do. I made a cardboard model, wrote up a bill of materials
      > and somewhere there is a photoshopped pic of Reddy "cut" in half in my driveway
      > and another pic of her "stretched" beached at a local lake...
      > I never had both the money and desire at the same moment, so it didn't happen,
      > yet I often wish I had, and now I'm deep into the construction of a pilothouse
      > motorsailing catamaran.... I'd guess I won't ever get around to modifying Reddy
      > and should get serious about selling her.
      > Anyway I think you should photo copy the plan and cut it at the bulkhead and
      > you'll see how easily it would stretch. Then spend a few hours building a
      > cardstock model.
      > Rick
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      > From: WillieW <woldwillie@...>
      > To: bolger@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Sat, September 4, 2010 12:19:21 PM
      > Subject: [bolger] Micro Trawler, Hawkeye, Retriever options?
      > Hi all,
      > I have had a set of plans for the Micro Trawler for a few years. Life, a divorce
      > ending 30 years of marriage taking the wind out of my sails; determined that I
      > want a boat that is about 2 to 3 feet longer than the Micro Trawler. So
      > "things" have postponed my persuing the build, or an alternative. Well you
      > understand.
      > I live on the Columbia River near Astoria Oregon, USA. I have children that live
      > in Eastern WA, and Idaho. I thought it might be interesting to take an
      > exploration up river and visit them along the way... Maybe someday also visit
      > the east coast and do the intercoastal waterway... Or some overnight cruises
      > here and there. I could also trailer up the coast and try the San Juans.
      > I recently retired, thinking now I will have more time, however, I guess you
      > just have to make time, period.
      > I have built a few boats in my life, a minimax hydro at age 15, then a 1 sheet
      > plywood sailboat, later, three wood over frame boats, two stitch and glue, and I
      > did work at a boat manufacturer for 5 years building 21 to 30 foot fiberglass
      > sailboats. Not fond of fiberglass boats, however it at least kept me around the
      > boating community. From there I went to manning a 100 foot tug off and on for 20
      > years, and working around the pier when not on the tug. Did a couple father son
      > boat project building a couple pirouge's.
      > I'm looking for at least study plans for these two other boats, (which I
      > understand may have never been actually available as study plans individually),
      > or some pretty detailed information instead of a distant picture of one built. I
      > have ordered the book, "Boats with an open mind", and hopefully that may give me
      > some insite, but am told it will be a month before I get it.
      > Thinking at first, I'll just take the plans I have and maybe I could build a
      > stretched Micro Trawler; however, I would rather spend the energy actually
      > building the boat, rather than trying to get into modifying a set of plans, at
      > least the hull design, and end up with something that is unsafe at any speed.
      > I'm not in a financial position to be making costly errors..
      > Every month I see ads that have someones dream boat for sale almost finished;
      > sadly being sold by them from their assisted living bed or by their estate. I
      > don't want to be in that boat.. (no pun intended)
      > Thanx,
      > WW
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