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64359Micro Trawler, Hawkeye, Retriever options?

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  • WillieW
    Sep 4 12:19 PM
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      Hi all,
      I have had a set of plans for the Micro Trawler for a few years. Life, a divorce ending 30 years of marriage taking the wind out of my sails; determined that I want a boat that is about 2 to 3 feet longer than the Micro Trawler. So "things" have postponed my persuing the build, or an alternative. Well you understand.
      I live on the Columbia River near Astoria Oregon, USA. I have children that live in Eastern WA, and Idaho. I thought it might be interesting to take an exploration up river and visit them along the way... Maybe someday also visit the east coast and do the intercoastal waterway... Or some overnight cruises here and there. I could also trailer up the coast and try the San Juans.
      I recently retired, thinking now I will have more time, however, I guess you just have to make time, period.
      I have built a few boats in my life, a minimax hydro at age 15, then a 1 sheet plywood sailboat, later, three wood over frame boats, two stitch and glue, and I did work at a boat manufacturer for 5 years building 21 to 30 foot fiberglass sailboats. Not fond of fiberglass boats, however it at least kept me around the boating community. From there I went to manning a 100 foot tug off and on for 20 years, and working around the pier when not on the tug. Did a couple father son boat project building a couple pirouge's.
      I'm looking for at least study plans for these two other boats, (which I understand may have never been actually available as study plans individually), or some pretty detailed information instead of a distant picture of one built. I have ordered the book, "Boats with an open mind", and hopefully that may give me some insite, but am told it will be a month before I get it.
      Thinking at first, I'll just take the plans I have and maybe I could build a stretched Micro Trawler; however, I would rather spend the energy actually building the boat, rather than trying to get into modifying a set of plans, at least the hull design, and end up with something that is unsafe at any speed. I'm not in a financial position to be making costly errors..
      Every month I see ads that have someones dream boat for sale almost finished; sadly being sold by them from their assisted living bed or by their estate. I don't want to be in that boat.. (no pun intended)
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