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64338Re: [bolger] Re: Isometric of Bolger's 1 Man live-aboard concept.

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Sep 2, 2010
      > Yes, I have seen this, and it's what originally got me to thinking about the benefits of a box keel.

      One of the benefits I get from modeling a whole bunch of Bolger
      boats, is that I sometimes get glimpses into the thought process of
      PCB and PB&F as he/they worked out trade-offs that go into the
      development of their design ideas. To me, the biggest issue that
      comes up with box keels is the effect on hull displacement and mass.

      Fundamentally, the AS-29 is an extreme case of box keel. And, the
      AS-29 needs lots of ballast to make her settle down into her
      waterline. If the AS-29 was reconfigured where the hull bottom was
      to be stepped with a box keel, the biggest thing that would change
      would be the amount of ballast.
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