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64327Re: [bolger] Re: Bobcat advice

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  • Mark Hamill
    Aug 31, 2010
      When I was about 22--I once "restored" an old 22 foot freighter canoe and ended up replacing all but 8 ribs, the exterior planking and the stem and stern and of course the skin--I learned a lot but in retrospect I could have built a strip canoe and it would have weighed much less and perhaps retained bettter value.
      On my present ply boat I found a small area of rot in the hull which expanded to an area of 3 x 3 feet at least--since it was on a flatter section it was very easy to fix. So what I am saying perhaps is figure out what has to be done and then have a ponder over which route is best for you. and be realistic about the times involved--my dad used to write down all the steps just to make sure he wasn't fooling himself.
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