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6423Re: [bolger] fiberglass butt joints

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  • Harry W. James
    Jul 31, 2000
      I did mine the same way except for using a second board on top of
      the first sandwich and on each succeeding sandwich, and using
      sheetrock screws through the boards instead of brads. It squeezed
      everything nice and smooth, very clean joints.


      Richard Spelling wrote:
      > Join the ply before cutting. Makes life easy.
      > No prob doing multiple sheets of ply, both sides at the same time.
      > 1) lay down particle board on the floor, big piece where the joint will be,
      > small pieces to support the ends.
      > 2) Prime plywood,
      > 3) lay wax paper, tape down
      > 4) epoxy, glass, epoxy
      > 5) ply sheet one, brads to hold in place, thickened epoxy on end
      > 6) ply sheet two, brads to hold in place, scrape off excess thichened epoxy
      > 7) epoxy, glass, epoxy
      > 8) lay wax paper
      > 9) repeat
      > add cinder blocks for weight. let cook till hard and crispy.
      > have done four layers, and made 24ft long pannels this way. no worries.
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