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64215Re: Windsprint questions

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  • mlawsontcnj
    Aug 20, 2010
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      The side and end decks would be a good thing. I've got flotation bags in bow and stern, and would deck and seal everything between the thwarts if I was going to do more work. Side decks would sure help the butt for hiking out in any wind. Hike you must. Side decks would give you significantly more heel room.

      My other use for the boat is for flyfishing and floating on the Delaware. I used to guide whitewater trips and have run the river's biggest drop in many conditions. At relatively high water last year, my son and his buddy were simple swamped in a canoe. I took on no water. Waves are good. If an open canoe with an ama can handle the chop, windsprint can--its a modified dory, after all--though oars would be safer than sail.

      Daggerboard size is fine, just keep sail plan balanced. I can't speak to handling of balance lug because I designed a sprit-boom sprit sail, 93sf, with reefing options I have never used. I think the balance lug would be a better sail in most conditions because this is REALLY a single handed boat, and the rigging and reefing is much easier than what I have. For that reason, a mizzen would add complications.

      Have fun!
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