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64112Re: Pico - Design # 386 (30-Odd Boats Chapter 32, pg 215 ) - Plans?

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  • Peter
    Aug 9, 2010
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      > Familiar with Dugong? 26' strip planked canoe. Able Not bad to
      > trailer. A little cabin to curl up in out of the notorious rainy NW
      > weather. Good looking.

      It would be good to look into the Ida Little saga, providing you can get the straight story from all sides. I have not read her book, so I don't know if she goes into detail there.

      There were all sorts of issues. The boat was very expensive to build, at least in hours, but PCB thought a good builder would have been a lot quicker. IIRC, he cited many hours for putting on the name as an example. Something like that.

      And there were disagreements about the rig. Was it big enough? Did the sail well? Did the crew give the sprit rig a fair chance? Reading between the lines, it seemed to me that where was some conflict about what kind of boat it was meant to be.

      In the end, the boat covered a lot of ground, and should probably be counted a success, but owner/crew was not as happy with it as they might have been.
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