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64107Re: BWAOM: Please help identify boat on cover

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  • Rob Kellock
    Aug 8, 2010
      > Thanks for posting the pics. Wow, you even had one of the fabled Oz boat! Leeboards? Any report on them?

      This is what Mark, Dugong's builder, had to say about the modifications he made to the design. I've just copied it from here:


      "Anyways, I met someone who was building a Bolger AS29 -the builder sadly is no longer around but he did a real nice job on the AS29 and I helped him out a little and was introduced to sharpies and Bolger boats all in one go.
      The priceless little classic book "The Good Little Ship" influenced me strongly to building a sharpie and Bolger had designed a 25' Jesse Cooper which was the answer-it had standing headroom in the galley, a spacious rear cabin and a comfortable salon and good sailing for its' size. A great coastal sailing yacht. I did get rid of the daggerboard and replaced with leeboards, which sometimes are a bit cumbersome but they work quite well.
      I replaced the lugsail rig with a gaff and a bowsprite, Bolger said as long as I left the lines of the boat as is, modifications of a reasonable nature were OK. I raised the rear deck slightly and Dugong now also has -Dah de Dah-twin rudders! which work fantastically."

      "Depending on conditions the "Dugong" will cruise between 4 and 6 knots. It will go faster and I have touched 7&1/2 knots and surfed across a few bars considerably faster than that. But cruising 4-6 kts on average with faire winds.
      The leeboards do do funny things when tacking like duckwinging etc however they just tend to go CLUNK when I go about-but I acquired a new pair and they don't have the same design work on the top of them as Bolger has on the Martha Janes' leeboards and I plan to remedy this as they do do the GAAARUNCH a bit and that comes from a lot off pressure being put on the board as it goes out from the side to do its' duckwing thing."

      This is the same boat that somebody else said was knocked down and remained on it's side. We had a bit of a discussion about the reasons for that back here beginning at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bolger/message/63542
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