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63910Re: Single Gaff Halyards

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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Jul 9, 2010
      > I'm following you, but the halyard I have in mind, like those shown on the Mackinac boat, has two attachment points on the gaff at the nominal throat and peak locations. The line is routed from the truck block to a block at the throat, then to another sheave at the truck block, and then to the peak attachment point. Theoretically, once all slack is taken out of the hoist (the leading edge of a gaff sail, but I think it would be called the luff on a lug), the peak should continue to lift as the halyard is hauled on, until all slack is gone from the leech.

      I see that I've described the route of the sample halyard wrongly, having just now picked up the BDQ at home. The line is led to the truck block, then to a block at the throat above the gaff jaws, and then along the gaff to a block at the nominal peak halyard location, back to a second sheave on the truck block, and made fast to a becket on the block at the peak. I'd love to know if anyone has ever hoisted such a rig and how well it works.

      A potential drawback might be lack of precise control of the peak when lowering sail, as when reefing. Perhaps this is what Mason is getting at.

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