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63729Re: [bolger] Re: A real forgotten gem, Bolger 554 Camping Trimaran using Hobie Cat parts!

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Jun 14, 2010
      > But a heavier multihull (which cant simply zoom off with every gust) requires a stronger rig. Will the Hobie mast stand up to the extra force?
      > And what about the sail? I assume (having never sailed one) it is cut very flat, for a fast boat is sailing on the wind all the time. It may lack power for a heavier boat.

      My guess is that the Hobie16 hardware is strong enough. And, the sail
      would be underpowered but it would work. (I think that Hobie Cat
      sails are cut nicely, much better than the poly-tarp sails I typically
      use!) . If you aren't moving fast enough, that is when the motor
      comes in useful. This isn't a racer, but it is a cheap and handy
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