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63704Re: [bolger] Design 554 - Tri with Hobie 16 amas

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  • Mark Hamill
    Jun 12, 2010
      My first thought about the design (other than "What a great idea") was to fill in the bow. I think the small (21') wharram cat Cookie that went around the world eventually faired in the forward sections of the beams because the boat almost came to a stop going through waves. The fairing helped considerably.
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      Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2010 9:13 AM
      Subject: [bolger] Design 554 - Tri with Hobie 16 amas


      I dion't know who was first with the idea of using Hobie 16 parts for a trimaran, Phil Bolger or Dick Newick. Newick's Tremolino was built commercially for a time, and is still being home built occasionally ... Google "Tremolino."

      I did a double take (or a triple take?)  when I accessed  's  beautiful  drawings, because  ot the low, blunt bow  on Bolger's design.  Having pitch-poled a Sunfish,  a Hobie 16,  and (almost) an E-scow, with its shovel-shaped bow, I wonder if Design 554  wouldn't be extremely prone to pitch-poling befopre the wind in any kind of sea.  I also test-sailed a cruising catamaran on Tampa Bay in a fairly strong wind, and its cabin was constantly butted by the short, steep seas because its forward face was a vertical wall. The boat almost stopped dead in her tracks with each butt. Design 554, I would think, would be subje ct to the same problem.

      I love most of Bolger's designs, even the ugly, form-follows- function ones, but not this one. I have built the Folding Schooner, not because she folds, but because she is drop-dead beautiful in my eyes.

      -- Will White

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