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63656RE: [bolger] 16 foot Canoe Yawl

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  • John and Kathy Trussell
    Jun 3, 2010
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      This is one of PCB’s ‘pretty’ (as opposed to harshly functional) boats and it certainly deserves to be built in some numbers.


      I have almost finished a ‘Storm 17’ (see the Swallow Boats web page) which is about the same size and shape as the 16 ft Canoe Yawl and I’m pretty sure that the Canoe Yawl is a lot more work than an Old Shoe…  There is, of course, no comparison in looks.




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      Phil Bolger designed so many boats, that some really gorgeous ones escape our attention.  The 16 Foot Canoe Yawl is one that I had forgotten about, but one which is simply a masterpiece, in my opinion.  Here are is a tribute webpage to that design...  

      In my opinion, it could be a very quick and cheap build, about the same amount of effort as an Old Shoe, but wow, what you would get for that effort. 

      http://hallman. org/bolger/ 16ftCanoeYawl/

      http://hallman. org/bolger/ 16ftCanoeYawl/ 16FtCanoeYawl01. html

      Here is the Free!Ship "fbm" file, if anyone wants to see the expanded strake shapes, the lofting is done already, make it easy.

      http://hallman. org/bolger/ 16ftCanoeYawl/ 16FtCanoeYawl. fbm

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