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  • creditscorenz
    May 11, 2010
      No. It was definitely a Jessie Cooper. Here is the post copied verbatim from http://forum.woodenboat.com (The WoodenBoat Forum) under the thread "How do Bolger boats really sail?" by somebody called Andy B.

      I have a traditional gaff cutter but appreciate Bolger's contribution to boat design. Nonetheless I offer this cautionary tale. A friend built a 26' Jesse Cooper. As designed, it had a low ballast ratio of 960 lbs. on a displacement of about 6000 lbs. Not long after launching my friend was tacking to windward up a channel when caught aback by a gust: the boat capsized. It remained on its side, until a motor cruiser pulled it upright via a line attached to the boom gallows.

      I joined my rather traumatized friend shortly after and we loaded sand bags into cupboards either side, bringing the ballast up to about a ton. The sand was later replaced by lead under the sole. I did some coastal legs on the boat along the NSW coast (Australian east coast), but was always wary of being caught out in rough conditions.

      Stability apart, the boat felt like it should have sailed faster than it did, but I couldn't work out why it didn't. It had leeboards (fairly crudely shaped) rather than the designed daggerboard, but I don't think this alone would account for the lack of performance.

      I also sailed on an AS29 in protected waters; the boat felt very dinghy-like compared to my heavier displacement vessel, heeling readily to wind gusts, but was also very responsive. I envied the boat's ability to dry out upright on the sandbanks. The flat bottom proved to have its drawback when it would slap in a chop when at anchor.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "daschultz2000" <daschultz8275@...> wrote:
      > What is OZ?
      > There was a Martha Jane (original version) that was knocked down "down under". I believe it turned turtle. That event caused PBF to to make the changes, with sponsons and the cabin to MJ. I think that was all documented by Bolger, perhaps in MAIB.
      > Could the MJ event be confused into a Jesse Cooper event?
      > Don
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