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  • creditscorenz
    May 3, 2010
      Just uploaded a picture of Marc Lindgren's AS29 Zephyr (he's sold it now I believe) into Photos/AS29 pictures. A great shot of an AS29 under sail in a decent breeze.

      I have thought about building either an AS29 or Jessie Cooper many times, but I keep returning to the Jessie Cooper because it seems to me to be the better sea boat, being much simpler all round, with it's balanced lug rig, larger rudder behind a skeg, deep narrow dagger board, the pointy bow and decent bulwarks in the cockpit rather than the exposed seats of the AS29. The only thing I'm missing is the four berths. Have heard somewhere of a Jessie Cooper being knocked down and not self-righting and since then people recommend 1000lbs ballast instead of the 400lbs specified.

      Also wondering whether the double beds in both the AS29 and Jessie Cooper are claustrophobic. In rough conditions you'd have to harness yourself in to the bed or risk injury through being thrown about.
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