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  • Michael Wagner
    May 3, 2010
      I suppose if I was really in the mood and had the energy/time/money I might consider something like the box keel for Walkure. I really don't want to do more surgery on her. She's a great boat the way she is, we've just outgrown her.

      Any my guests don't sleep on the floor. The two settees in the dining area suffice as bunks, but climbing over them for those midnight runs to the head just don't appeal anymore.

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      I've often thought that a box keel cutwater would solve a number of AS-29's problems. It could provide standing headroom throughout, with no added top hamper, and a place for tankage. Cheap steel plate could be put on the bottom for ballast and provide extra grounding strength. Center of gravity would be lowered without increasing draft by much. The bow profile curve could be made more similar to the curve in plan, bringing the bow transom up higher out of the water, with the cutwater providing a sharp entry and replacing lost boyancy.

      The other day, I was going over the Blatnick Bridge between Duluth, MN and Superior, WI and noticed one of the 1,000 foot lakers in a maintenance berth. It was way down by the stern so the bow was out of the water. I went down for a closer look. There is no pointy end on these newer lakers. They look like they have a rounded-off Bolger bow transom. And they're as plumb as and even more slab-sided than a Bolger Box.

      I agree about having guests sleep on the floor. I'm 61 and I sleep on the floor all the time when visiting relatives and friends. People can get fussy about sleeping arrangements, and most aren't as flexible as I am or as casual about comfort, but the idea of getting a hotel room just to be able to sleep in a bed is a real waste of money to me.

      fred s.

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