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  • eric14850
    May 2, 2010

      An AS-29 weighs what? ROGUE and trailer are 8,000 lbs. I tow ROGUE with a pickup truck. I can manage to launch ROGUE at deep water launch ramps (4') by using a tongue extender. Parked in the back yard, there are no storage fees, and it is easy to keep an eye on the winter cover. That will cut down on some of the expenses if your family decides to take over your boat.

      Quoting you, "we are now talking about cruises to the Carribean, Mexico,
      Belize, Panama, etc. and this boat is just a wee bit too small, light and flat bottomed for that kind of cruising." ROGUE has a nearly identical interior as an AS-29 so I understand being too small for extensive cruising/permanent live aboard. Why is light and flat bottomed a problem? I would expect the AS-29 to be as good an ocean boat as any boat of similar size. Please explain.

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