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63388Re: Bolger cruising trimaran?

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  • loosemoosefilmworks
    Mar 31, 2010
      The problem with the container scenario is that at best it is very problematic as container ports are not really equipped to let you launch and you would have to crane out and put the boat in the container have the container trucked to the port and when your boat gets to whatever destination you have to repeat the process in reverse. Throw in the fact that most countries consider things brought in by container as imports with a monumental paper chase and you have a whole lot of fun and frolic!

      Cruising cats and tris are not all that much better... Cruising cats by and large cruise at just slightly over what a monohull does (and often less) and even with a best case scenario you might save a week in crossing the Atlantic. Yeah, I know there are cats and tris that go like the wind but they are the exception and not the rule where cruising is concerned.

      Fact is cruising just does not work very well within schedule constraints and we have yet to meet a cruiser on a tight schedule that was a happy camper... It's always a compromise of sorts! Personally we are happier that we have arranged our life around sailing and quality of life rather than if we had continued doing the workaday world thing as being dictated by others...

      So it goes



      > >
      > LM2 is the boat I would have chosen to redesign into a container boat. I was
      > not thinking in terms of going to a boat shipping specialist, but just a
      > regular freight forwarder, with the boat able to be rolled in and out and
      > not requiring any dock cranes or specialized equipment.
      > As regards Annie Hill, sailing is her life, but few people have her kind of
      > time to devote to it.
      > I'm sorry, I didn't intend to move this thread away from trimarans, but fast
      > passages is the primary advantage of multihulls and I was just positing an
      > alternative.
      > fred s.
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