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63385Re: Bolger cruising trimaran?

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  • loosemoosefilmworks
    Mar 31, 2010
      We explored shipping Loose Moose 2 via the container route and while LM2 would not fit inside a standard 40 foot container being nearly the same size as a container makes shipping a Loose Moose 2 a pretty simple affair as deck cargo and cheaper than shipping via container.

      That said, shipping your boat via container or as deck cargo is a much more expensive way of getting from point A to point B when all is said and done as there are a lot of hidden costs and problems that present themselves.

      The cost of going with one of the boat shipping specialists like Dockwise (http://www.yacht-transport.com/home) is VERY expensive,fraught with schedule problems and very hard on the boat... Most people I know who have shipped via Dockwise have had serious repairs that were required after shipping.

      Faced with the hassle factor and expense the whole just sailing your boat to where you go seems to be the smart move...


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