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63370Re: Bolger cruising trimaran?

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  • proaconstrictor
    Mar 30, 2010
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      "IMO PB&F definitely get what it takes for coastal
      cruising and ocean crossing."

      I would add that one could probably get a darn fine plywood skiff or sharpie out of Dick Newick.

      By the way, The Gougeons of WEST epoxy fame made some interesting fairly square trimarans with sharpie hulls in the early days, one of which was 35 feet and did the great circle route (Is that the inter-coastal/Mississippi route?). They built 2 24 footers, and for a client who was retired the 35 footer. This was near the very beginning of their careers. One of the boats was called Funky Tri, and is still in use in Florida today, last I heard.

      JR Watson did a great little article on the boat a long while back, in Multihulls international.
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