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  • Adirondack Goodboat
    Mar 6, 2010
      Nels, I've had several yawls with boomkins: Drascombe Lugers, Whalewatcher, Micro. The single common requirement is that the end of the boomkin be on the same fore/aft line as the mizzen mast, as it is in all these designs. So your choice perhaps comes down to Where's the best place for the mast? Here I would only say, As near the same line as the mainmast as is practical, with consideration for the motor and rudder/tiller. Another point worth mentioning is that you'd like your mizzen sheet to travel very freely. through whatever turning point is provided, dumb sheave or block, and in some cases you might want to provide fairleads for the returning part to keep them from fouling, as in Micro's case, the outboard motor. 
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      On the Micro series the mizzen is off-set to one side of the motor mount
      opening and includes a boomkin and a single sheet. Whalewatcher and
      Martha Jane much the same although with WW the boomkin is slanted so the
      outboard end lies more along the centerline it seems than with the other
      bomkins that extend straight aft.

      On the Chebacco series the mizzen is stepped on the center-line, just
      aft the rudder post - no boomkin but has two sheets.

      If a person is considering adding a mizzen to an existing design with a
      similar rudder and motor set-up, any ideas as which method would be
      preferably functional?


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