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63179Re: Beach Cat, Original or Upgraded?

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  • graeme19121984
    Mar 2, 2010
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      Ross Lillistone wrote about what could only be a Bolger Beachcat MkI, as sailed and built by a couple, in his usual spot in an AABB issue in the last year or so. The take-out, as I recall without looking it up, is that it is a great trailer-boat, great beach-cruiser, great motor-sailer in light airs, and great sail-boat as the wind rises above say five knots. The couple were well pleased indeed. Ross could certainly write from imagination, but I think all the boats in his articles, and they're not infrequently another unamed Bolger or two, are known from his personal experience. He's built and had a hand in the building and sailing of many Bolger boats. His models of some Bolger boats I once saw when he was out bayside at Manly would make you gasp - dangerous that, because of the copious and simultaneous drooling! Of course he builds all sorts, and has had his own design work "out there" for some time now, but of note it is he who is reportedly testing the carbon spars for Micro.

      Ergonomics? The MKI original had the fisherman cuddy, most welcome at times, and we may yet have the birdwatchered design!


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bob C" <txsailor37@...> wrote:
      > I can't speak to the sailing abilities of either version of the boat, but I can speak to the sailing abilities of the Beachcat's smaller brother the Bobcat. The Bobcat is a wonderful sailing boat in most wind conditions, once you learn to understand it's quirks and points as well as I would think you could expect a Catboat to point. I would assume that the shallow keel (newer) version Beachcat would perform much the same as the Bobcat.
      > I think the ergonomics of the newer version would make it a much more comfortable boat to spend time in than the origianl. Most of the space in the original design was dedicated to a low-top/walk-through cabin. The space was not really comfortable for use while sailing. I have been extremely interested in building the new version for quite a while.
      > The down side of the new version is I have no idea how long it will take you to get the plans. The original version can be ordered from Payson and be had in a couple of weeks. I ordered the updated version back in November and haven't seen them yet.
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