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63024Re: [bolger] Re: Laminating plywood

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  • Fred Schumacher
    Feb 7, 2010
      On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 7:51 AM, etap28 <dave.irland@...> wrote:

      around here (Western MA) Home Depot rules, unfortunately. To the detriment of any serious lumber outfit.


      A la Junebug, even 15 years ago I bet BC pine was better than it is now.. and when I think WAY back, AC ply was perfectly good for boats, even "serious" ones (if you didn't mind that it does't finish very well, and checks like crazy). Cut off those ends, make a Tortoise out of it!!

      My son and I went to Menards today and picked up four sheets of 3/4" A/C  Arauco  on sale for $24 a sheet, plus there was an additional 10% discount for using a Menards card. My son said the C side of the panels looked more like a B side. The radiata pine plantations use fixed tree spacings and prune all the trees so the plies that are peeled off are very regular with few knot holes.

      Above the Arauco was a bunch of treated southern pine plywood. My son said, what is that ugly stuff. I said treated plywood is always ugly, but difference with the two panels side by side was quite dramatic.

      Regarding my deceased Junebug, it's the middle that rotted and the ends are OK. I've been thinking of putting in an 8 foot long Tortoise section in the middle and joining it to the ends. Maybe I should make it bolt together in three pieces, so I could have one long boat or two shorter ones.


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