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63002Re: Stitch & Glue Gloucester Light Dory - The real answer

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  • Dave Gentry
    Feb 6, 2010
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      Thanks! It's tough to go wrong with SOF . . . I built RUTH ( http://www.woodenboat.com/forum/showthread.php?t=99286 )in a week and a half, for something like $200 or less. You can build SOF kayaks in this non-traditional style, too - check out Tom Yost's website: www.yostwerks.com for many free designs and building instructions. Note that any of his aluminum framed folders can be built (cheaper,faster and lighter) as wood framed non-folders - and, also, that there are many skinning options. There are kids kayaks, too!

      I've got a "to build" list like yours - but longer, much longer!

      Back to rowboats - Personally, of the two you talk about, I'd go with the GLD over the Oarling, but only because I like the looks better - and I have a sentimental spot for Mr. Bolger.

      It's all fun, in any case!
      Dave Gentry
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Murray" <ugoigotoo@...> wrote:
      > Dave,
      > Ruth is one beautiful boat! Now I'm even more undecided...if that's possible. ;-)
      > Boats to Build List (These are my favourite designs right now and boats I think about building in my daydream moments)
      > 1 - GLD/Oarling - to have a rowboat for those quiet times at the lake.
      > 2 - SOF Greenland style kayak (I've been looking at Robert Morris and Chris Cunningham's books for years)
      > 3 - Chris Ostlind Cabrillo design - small sailboat for kids. If Chris finalizes the plans soon I'll build one of these for my boys before anything else.
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