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63000Re: Stitch & Glue Gloucester Light Dory - The real answer

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  • Murray
    Feb 6, 2010
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      Ruth is one beautiful boat! Now I'm even more undecided...if that's possible. ;-)

      Boats to Build List (These are my favourite designs right now and boats I think about building in my daydream moments)

      1 - GLD/Oarling - to have a rowboat for those quiet times at the lake.
      2 - SOF Greenland style kayak (I've been looking at Robert Morris and Chris Cunningham's books for years)
      3 - Chris Ostlind Cabrillo design - small sailboat for kids. If Chris finalizes the plans soon I'll build one of these for my boys before anything else.
      4 - Wa'apa Polynesian style outrigger canoe by Gary Dierking
      5 - Bolger Micro or similar small cabin sailboat to go sail/camping for a few days at a time.

      So many boats..so little time....and limited good will with SWMBO.

      Cheers and thanks to all for all the responses,


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Gentry" <alias1719@...> wrote:
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Murray" <ugoigotoo@> wrote:
      > > Now, maybe I should ask if this boat would be suitable for what I want to use it for...I want a rowboat that is light and easy to launch and retrieve from the water, will row well and quietly and allow me to enjoy the lake before the daily onslaught of powerboats. I may occasionally have a passenger or two.
      > > Is the GLD a good boat for my intended use?
      > The GLD is a fine boat for your intended use, though rowing with passengers not its best suit (most boats go better with no passengers, though!). As per the scantlings suggested, it's too heavy for my taste, but can be built with 1/4" ply, instead of 3/8".
      > The GLD is pretty tippy, too - until you sit down in it. Rows great, though!
      > But, there are many, many rowboat options that would fit your needs, including Bolger's SweetPea, Crystal, the "ultralight rowing boat for homebuilders" and Spur II.
      > Michalak has a number of rowing only designs, as well, of course.
      > If you want exercise in smooth water, shell might be your answer - though no passengers. Check out CLC's Oxford shell.
      > For another, better(IMO), option, skin-on-frame is definitely my fav for lightweight boats. Check out the late Platt Monfort's designs at www.gaboats.com, or even my own much simpler to build rowing wherry, RUTH: http://www.woodenboat.com/forum/showthread.php?t=99286
      > Can't help you with the Devlin Oarling, except to say that I met a woman who rowed one from Alaska to Seattle. Ought to be capable enough for your lake, even with some powerboat chop!
      > Good luck!
      > Dave Gentry
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