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625[bolger] The Sharpie Book

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  • David Ryan
    Oct 31, 1999
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      Fellow Bolger Boat Builders --

      I've had "The Sharpie Book" for about a week now, and I couldn't be
      happier with the purchase!

      Little did I know when I started bending my teal together that I was
      joining a brotherhood (sorry Monica,) that stretched back to the
      beginnings of this great nation (sorry Pippo,) and gave rise to a
      design that so completely address the fundamental issues of boat
      design: cost, safety, speed, and comfort.

      Until Bolger, boat building was a mysterious "black art" that I
      disparately wanted initiation into. Building lil'winnie changed that,
      and hinted at much more.

      "The Sharpie Book" confirms my suspicions; boat building has been
      "hijacked" by the close-minded, disparaging any boat or idea (like a
      grand 47 foot sharpie schooner) that would challenge their dozens of
      steam bent ribs and great, deep fiberglass molds.

      That this challenge comes in the form of an boat indigenous to the
      waters I ply gives me both great satisfaction and a tremendous
      feeling of history. I very nearly feel it is my patriotic duty to
      build a great sharpie cruiser and then sail her across the very
      shallow waters of Napigue Harbor!

      If you don't have "The Sharpie Book" go to amazon and get it today.
      Not next week, not tomorrow -- today.

      Yours in boat building,

      David Ryan
      Minister of Information and Culture
      Crumbling Empire Productions
      (212) 247-0296
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