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  • gravelyrider
    Dec 3, 2009
      Well, i've been looking at my plans for more than 3 years, and decided I better get started 'cause I'm not getting any younger.

      I got my plans in May of 2006 from PB&F .

      photo's are in :

      So far the only real changes are:
      1- using 3/8th ACX ply instead of 1/4 because I can't get any good 1/4 locally.
      2- using thicker framing. (I am incapable of edge nailing 3/4 stock without buggering it)
      3- inlet a 3/8th's 'keelson' (more like a gluing strip) so I can attach the keel without crawling in and out of the boat to attach the keel. The bottom sill be attached in 2 halves now, courtesy of the 'keelson'.

      I marked, but have not trimmed the shear yet. that way the ply is self jigging on the concrete floor.

      I do wish I could have gotten some good 1/4 for the sides, it took a few grunts and groans to bend the 3/8 to this contour.

      Hot dipped ring shank nails, SS Screws and PL Premium courtesy of HD. the Plywood from a local yard that always has GREAT ACX.

      The only epoxy will be plywood seams, Payson Joints and fillets on bulkheads A and D.
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