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  • Adirondack Goodboat
    Dec 1, 2009
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      This is another fascinating coincidence for me, Harry, because I was just looking at the photos of a famous Gold Rush photographer online, and was amazed to see these tent communities along the lake where a boat is being built beside every tent. What a boatbuilding scene that was! I'd never known that the miners got to Dawson by water. I'll have to send you a copy of my little November novel, Far Alaska, in which my central character, an old man who thinks he has "done the worse a man can do" back East and therefore unfit for unfit to live among civilized people, hits for the territories. He steals a coupled horses on the way, and then sees these pictures in a museum in Whitehorse and is shocked to discover that horses had no part in the Gold Rush. He's a horse-oriented fella, not like us, and had associated the gold Rush with the Wild West. think he'll find work for his team on the Trans Alaska Pipeline? It's 1972 or so.
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      You can get on the Yukon in the Whitehorse area. Once below Dawson the
      next time a road hits the river is at Eagle and then another long way to
      a road. You could haul a boat up to Lake Bennett right across the
      summit from Skagway but you would have to Portage around the dam at
      Whitehorse. Thats were all the stampeders started from and where we
      delivered the boat we built for the movie "Klondike the quest for Gold".
      It shows up on the history channel occasionally.

      See bottom of the page

      http://www.backwate r.org/Boats/ Klondike/ Transport/ Transport. htm

      They got that boat to Dawson, could have gone all the way to Nome.


      prairiedog2332 wrote:
      > The rapids are not that big a deal. They are mostly created by the river
      > narrowing or going around islands so they are mostly standing waves,
      > with lots of water depth underneath. Motor in reverse to keep the stern
      > aligned with the bow. Or a big yuloh or sweep. Would be great fun and
      > looked forward to.
      > The Dempster highway into Inuvik links to the Alcan highway and points
      > south.
      > http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Inuvik
      > No roads beyond Fairbanks AK on the Yukon I don't think.
      > So one would have to inveigle some friends to drive up there with your
      > boat trailer and tow vehicle. Otherwise you would have to try to sell
      > the boat and fly back home. But people there know that it would be a
      > buyers market for them, so good luck with getting anything near what it
      > would be worth. Once you made that trip, I don't think you would be too
      > interested in going back upstream again.
      > Micro I think would be too small to carry enough supplies and fuel and a
      > lot slower. But no doubt if it can be canoed it could work. I just think
      > that WW would be a really good choice in my view.
      > Nels
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups. com, "mason smith" <goodboat@.. .> wrote:
      >> It sounds very doable in one direction. Do you see WW taking the
      > rapids with ease?How about the other way, back to YK? How would a Micro
      > do, with its ballast keel? No deal?
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