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6204Re: "Queen Mab" (design #638)Construction

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  • Catboater
    Jul 25, 2000
      There is NO structural problem if the boat weighs 28 pounds, My Just
      Ducky is very strong at 28 pounds. I think Bolger seriously
      miscalculated the weight of a lapstrake ply constructed Queen Mab,
      evryone I know of who has chosen lapstrake ply for planking a Queen
      Mab has a very heavy boat. In this size boat 15 to 20 pounds makes a
      BIG difference.

      Dave Thibodeau

      > Hi Marc,
      > Sorry for the delayed response.
      > The only water my QM has seen as yet is from the garden hose in
      > removing the amine "blush" from the epozy coating.
      > I am already past the design weight without the decking and seat. I
      > expect to be closer to 40 lbs when she is finished. I guess I could
      > stand to lose 15 lbs anyway. My feeling is that a 25 lb boat might
      > structurally marginal, given the "feel" of the okume plywood that I
      > am
      > using, which has resulted in 30 lbs sans deck, seat, and combing.
      > might need balsa plywood (if there is such a thing.
      > Will post more pictures when the deck is on.
      > ps. Weight measurements before and after epoxy coating show about a
      > 5%
      > to 10% weight increase (depending on the part) but I prefer the
      > "hardened" surface for durability.
      > Al (in Ann Arbor)
      > > Al,
      > >
      > > I just saw your post, and photos about your Queen Mab project and
      > I'm
      > > wondering how she turned out?
      > > It's great to see a photo that gives a good idea of what she looks
      > > like, a sweet looking little boat that has been on my wish
      > > list for awhile now. As I recall the designed weight is about 27
      > > pounds, is it true?? How does she sail? I'm dying
      > > for an ultralight dinghy to carry on top of my Honda, pick up
      > one
      > > hand and fool around in. Thanks for the photos.
      > >
      > > Marc in SF
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