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61888Re: JRTA Guam floats

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  • gravelyrider
    Nov 4, 2009
      Peter, thanks for the compliment.

      the porta-potty will be in the aft enclosure, along with storage. Full headroom thru-out, as long as you're about 5'10" or less. I will be putting in a sink, but i'll rely on just a portble camp stove and cooler for the rest of the kitchen.

      Fore and Aft draining decks with scuppers, just like your Windemere.

      She's in my shop for the duration of the winter for the cloth window / side curtains. once I figure out the design, i'll have to decide if my wife's sewing machine will handle the fabric or if I'm forced to buy a heavy duty machine.

      the greatest wind so far has been about 8 knots . She tracks great . 10" chop does not bother in the least. 6 adults sit very comfortably in cheap plastic chairs, to be replaced with tasteful wicker. I've just finished an aluminum tailer, well, finished might be an exageration. in the spring i'll be able to go places and really get a feel for her seaworthiness. As you can imagine, finding a tailer for a 24' boat with a 6' beam that weighs 440 lbs is a bit of an impossibility. that right, I've weighed her twice with our bathroom scales and both time came up with about 440, including the Yamaha 8 hp hi-thrust, battery and 3 gallons of fuel.

      All ply is ACX, 3/8 sides, 5/8 bottom. 'C' side out. exterior sides covered with 2 oz glass and epoxy, bottom covered with 6 oz glass and epoxy. no glass cloth inside. Top is 1/4 Luan. Styx Latex primer. Benjamin Moore 'Mor-Glo' latex paint. SS screws . epoxy glue below the waterline, PL Premium above waterline. Payson joints for all plywood joints. all the chine logs and gunwales and rub strips came from 1 -24' Doug Fir 2x12, the rest of the lumber is Home Depot 1x2, and 2x3's.

      Less that $1000 in the hull, over 3 times that in the motor, steering , control cables, battery, binacle.

      She really is just a large canoe with a roof to keep the sun off my bald head.

      > If it is not too much trouble, could you walk us through the boats features,as in; is there a head located aft?,is there standing headroom under the roof?, are there any provisions for cooking on board?,have you screens/canvas/mylar panels to close in the cockpit against wind,rain,bugs or sleeping aboard?....you know, the juicy details of her and your expectations or use scenarios now and for the future.Also, how does she handle waves and cross winds?
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