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61887Re: Tender for classic yacht

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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Nov 4, 2009
      Hi Harry,

      > I hadn't thought about the Diablo, how stable is for boarding by creaky
      > old guys. It would be over a boarding step across the transom

      The deadrise of Diablo's bilge panels makes it best to step onto the center of a thwart when boarding, in my experience. I like mine, but it's not the best boat for fishing. She's tippy once you start fighting or landing a fish, and anything left on the seats quickly winds up on the bottom of the boat. The deadrise and high freeboard could also make it awkward to reboard from a beach, although I've never tried it.

      Like someone else said, it tends to blow around, and this is especially true when I'm trolling at low speed with little weight forward. The 9.9 Honda I use is not enough to plane the boat, but I can get 11 mph or so at full throttle. My problem is the high elevation where I use the boat (8600').

      Diablo is a fine boat, but I think the work skiffs, with their heavy flat bottoms, would be better for boarding, fishing, and hauling pots aboard. They're also likely to pound more and be wetter. I'd like to try one sometime.

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