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61883JRTA Guam floats

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  • gravelyrider
    Nov 3, 2009
      Back on July 1, after 10 months of construction (15 minutes at a time) JRTA Guam was launched.

      JRTA (Joking Refered To As) Guam is a Tennessee proportionatly shorten to 24'. Since it is no longer a Tenny, it's not a member of the State Series, So I figured it must be a protectorate, like Guam is a protectorate, not a state. Beam is still as per plans.

      I got the plans from PB&F late last August.

      I modeled her after an Erie Canal Bouy Boat. (see pic)

      The boat is PERFECT for what I want. evening cruses on our lake.

      in one pic, you can see the crew of teenage boys performing sea trials. If she survived then, she can do well.........

      More later
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