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61880Sweet Pea with motor????

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  • Mark Mirski
    Nov 3, 2009
      GBroadlick@... wrote:

      --> 'You have a power boat, i suggest sweat pea, she rows nice, will
      hull a load, sails sweet and will go forever with a 2 hp motor."

      I have plans for a Bolger Sweet Pea but have been dragging my heels on
      beginning the project because I haven't been able to figure out the
      optimum way to mount my 2hp Honda.

      I had been attempting to think of ways That I might modify the stern end
      of the slipping keel, through hull area, to drop in the outboard as well.

      Any thoughts out there on the matter?

      Any one with a motor on or in a sweet pea interested in sharing their

      I may go to an alternate Bolger skiff design.

      Best to all.

      Mark Mirski anshin@...
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