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61866Tender for classic yacht

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  • Harry James
    Oct 31, 2009
      Anybody got any recommendations for a tender out of the Bolger
      repertoire for a classic 65 footer. I crew on it and may be skippering
      it soon. The current hard bottom zodiac with 15 hp just doesn't look
      right. It needs to go ashore over crappy beaches, be easy to get in and
      out of for old creaky folks. Having the ability to pack a pot puller and
      downriggers would be a plus. It goes on and off the aft cabin with a
      boom lift powered by hydraulics weight isn't to big an issue. It should
      look good. It would operate under power. My son thinks the boys launch
      would be the ticket, but he has wanted to build one since before being a
      teenager. Here is a couple of links to the host boat "Princeton Hall"


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