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61606Re: [Bulk] [bolger] Re: Acquiring and usibility of Bolger plans

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  • Christopher C. Wetherill
    Oct 4, 2009

      I, tend to post a little too fast, and then realize I have left off a detail like this or ignored an important aspect of the post to which I am replying.  I considered posting a clarification, but decided to not post because it seemed like simplicity was an important aspect and Payson doesn't have the box keel version.


      Gene Tehansky wrote:
      The Sneakeasy is not the new one with the box keel or cutwater, or so I understand.  That one is obtained from PB&F...

      Gene T.

      On 2 Oct, 2009, at 1:57 PM, Christopher C. Wetherill wrote:


      Brick and Sneakeasy are both available from Payson.  They are very prompt.  I got Windsprint plans within a week via USPS.


      Robert wrote:

      ok i know this is a touchy subject for some reason but if Mrs. Bolger is't selling plans right now and there is no catalogue or web site showing his plans then how do we get plans from Phil Bolger and Friends? Next question is how can  you find out what plans are available and what kind of boat they depict. 
      I myself would rather buy from Bolger than pay someone who isn't paying a mans widow royaltys. I plan to build a brick first as a tender for a Tennessee or Sneakeasy and just to get my hands dirty. I havent seen plans for either of the sharpies and i assume Mrs. Bolder is in possession of them. I am in no hurry for one of those plans so it isnt pressing right now but when i am ready to tackle the bigger boat i hope i can get those plans from boldger and friends so that the proceeds go to her and not someone bootlegging his plans.
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      NO NO NO . . . Common Sense boats, in their present incarnation, are pirating Phil Bolger designs - refusing to pay royalties, etc - and Phil Bolger and Friends have long asked that we not do business with them. And, I thought it was the consensus here to boycott them. All the Bolger designs "offered" by CSD can legitimately be had from Phil Bolger and Friends. 
      Instantboats. com, on the other hand, is indeed an excellent and legitimate source of plans for Mr. Bolger's designs.
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