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60109Re: Sneakeasy pictures

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  • Brian Anderson
    Apr 15, 2009
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      It would pay to think long and hard about how to squeeze it in somehow as is. But with all due respect to PB and the Sneakeasy which is a wonderfully cool boat, it is not a really complicated hull form, or a race boat or anything and the rule of thumb is that you can shorten or lengthen a boat by 10% - 15% without much if any problem just by spacing the frames closer to one another and watching out for the other longitudinal measurments that change with the seats and especially the motor mount and whatnot. So on a 27' boat, 10% gets you to just over 24'.

      Cheers, Brian

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      > Anyway... can this design be shortened at all? Or would the narrow beam become unstable? I ask because of storage space (25' barn). If I were to build this I'd want to keep her inside.
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