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  • hobyarr
    Feb 28, 2009
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      Thanks for the explanations Bob and it's good to see you excited by
      the prospects for improvements.
      With the option to run the bottom up to the waterline at the stern,to
      reduce wake and hence improve economy, would this then mean the Bantam
      would only be happy operating in displacement (semi) mode.
      This is not personally a problem for me provided it would run up to
      about 9/10 knot. Do you believe this is achievable and what would be
      the hull speed do you thimk. Is it going to cheat the mono formula due
      to narrow hulls if we built at about the 24'-26' ft mark.
      The fixed bow option sounds like the way to go, don't fancy trying to
      back onto a trailer especially with some wind and wave. You'd have to
      cut and raise the motor to avoid fouling the trailer pretty early I
      I was in Melbourne about a month ago and had similar problems but
      luckily found a ferry that toured along the waterfront to
      Williamstown, this was the only way to see anything much.
      Thanks again - Darrell

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Slimak" <otter55806@...> wrote:
      > Hi Darrell,
      > Glad to see that John did read the post and answer. Now I'm really
      > psyched up to try the 9.9 instead of the 25. I really want better gas
      > mileage. I know gas will not stay this cheap. His posting makes me
      > want to get back to Florida next winter and do the keys.
      > What I mean by the cabin not being attached is that the cabin sides
      > fold up and hook to the underside of the cabin top. At that point the
      > cabin top and sides are only floating on the cables from the 4 post.
      > When you have the top winched all the way up you then fold up the rear
      > panel and the two front panels. The front door is hinged to the port
      > side front panel. These panels are attached to the boat. With them in
      > the up position you then unhook the side panels and let them drop
      > down. Then you slowly winch the top down until it mates with the other
      > panels. You then lock the top into place with two turnbuckles at the
      > front, snugged up only by hand. This locks the top and sides to the
      > panels that ARE attached to the boat. As I said before, this is
      > actually easy with two people, but a pain with one, as the cabin top
      > and sides float on those cables and wind, gravity by not being level,
      > etc means it has to be pushed into alignment for it to snap into
      > place. Easy with two, a pain with one. If I end up keeping the boat as
      > is, I'm thinking of changing the hand winch over to a 12V remote
      > controlled motor so I can be inside as it lowers to push things into
      > place. I can't do that and be outside hand cranking the winch. John
      > solved all this by building a regular non folding cabin since he was
      > not trailering far. If you order the plans from Bolger I believe you
      > get all the updates.
      > Oh yeah. Toms article mentions the removeable bow section. That was
      > on the original because the original client wanted the boat to fit
      > into a small garage. Not ever having a reason to want to remove the
      > bow I built it without that. Much easier. Because I don't remove the
      > bow I trailer it in the normal bow forward way instead of trying to
      > back onto the trailer, which you have to do in order to remove the
      > bow. You can see that in Toms photos.
      > Anyway, all this talk about boating has me wishing summer would hurry
      > up and get here. Also have to make sure I don't get stuck here next
      > winter like I did this one. I have been gone the last three winter and
      > don't much like being stuck here this one:(
      > On another note, I have a friend who is down in Melbourne for a few
      > weeks. He emailed that he wanted to walk down by the water to see if
      > he could find some boats to look at, but said everything was being
      > ruined by condo construction. Such a shame that you're having the
      > same destruction that we have had with these human sized beehives. I
      > always hope for Hurricanes to come along and knock them down. They
      > don't belong on a coast.
      > Bob
      > In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "hobyarr" <knic0014@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello Bob, John and all
      > > There are heaps of mods to the original Bantam that enhance it's
      > > useabilty and economy. When ordering plans what do we ask for or what
      > > do we get. Do we just recieve the original and annoy you fellows later
      > > on and work it out or do the plans include the mods mentioned in
      > > previous posts and do we need to specifically ask for them.
      > > So far we've seen lengths from 20'-26'in 2' increments and bridgedeck
      > > clearance from 5"-12" and transom depth from 0-6".
      > > Are there any variations on the motor mounting, extending the sponsons
      > > behind the main hull and motor mount to protect motor and provide
      > > steps for access. Any other design thoughts, mods, etc
      > > Thanks - Darrell
      > >
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