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  • my48cj2a
    Feb 27, 2009
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      I am not trying to sound rude. If I did offend I am sorry. That was
      not the intention. I am to used to my vendors jumping at the chance
      to sell a product during the hard times now. I am a fabricator I run
      with strict guidelines at my shop. My job is to get the job done now.
      That is why I am still in buisness and the others around me are
      folding up. I have to set aside time for my stuff between jobs. That
      time is on the way. I have to do something now or wait another year
      to get started. The other gentleman said he has been waiting since
      last fall for info.I left a fax number and 2 seperate e-mails. I
      can't bring myself to just send money without any information.Plus I
      do not know how much or what I get with the plans. Everything is one
      big question mark right now.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Bruce Hallman <bruce@...> wrote:
      > On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 8:15 AM, my48cj2a <my48cj2a@...> wrote:
      > > So how do we go about getting plans? Does the moderator know?
      What if
      > > we need help with them? I have to have it built in a certain
      amount of
      > > time. I might have to go with something where the plans are
      easier to
      > > get. When do the customers count?
      > I know from experience that obtaining the plans is about 10% of the
      > joy and 0.001% pain of the process called building a boat.
      > If you are in a hurry to get a boat, building a boat is almost
      > certainly not the fastest way (or cheapest way) to get a boat.
      > Phil Bolger is 82 years old, and he may be doing something else at
      > moment. Though, historically he has a reputation of quick reply.
      > Another thing that happens occasionally is that he gets a question
      > fax (but with no return fax #), or he gets a letter via postal mail
      > (with no return address). Also, if your question is complex,
      > sometimes he needs time to think of the answer. Or, if rude, he has
      > the option of ignoring you.
      > Buying plans gives you some right to ask questions about the design,
      > and to a lesser extent to ask questions about the building process.
      > But Bolger is a designer, not a builder, so questions about building
      > boats are better directed towards experienced boat builders.
      > If you are planning to build a boat, I strongly recommend building
      > scale boat models first. That way you can figure out the details
      > cheaply and quickly before embarking on the bigger and more
      > full size project. This could even start not, while waiting for the
      > plans.
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