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59731Re: [bolger] Tennessee Build.

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Feb 11, 2009
      On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Harry James <welshman@...> wrote:
      > Bruce
      > I have been mulling over your comment a while back about the Topaz and
      > the Tennessee having equal building times. I have a great deal of
      > respect for your opinions as they are based on actual experience and you
      > have had some amazing fast builds. However I have always thought of the
      > Topaz as a great deal more complex than a Tennessee. I have always
      > thought the Topaz's more complex shape would make it harder to build.
      > You of course are deep in actually building one. In short I think of the
      > Tennessee as a boat I could build in a winter of spare time and the
      > Topaz as a two winter and maybe more boat.
      > HJ

      Having modeled both boats, and having built 95% of a Topaz Spyder, I
      think they are very similar in scope. They both have basically the
      same number of pieces, and very close to the same amount of wood,
      finishing surface and painting. I would bet that the two boats have
      nearly identical displacements.

      The Topaz Spyder does have the twisted panels applied to the forefoot,
      while the Tennessee has more complexity in the cabin work. The
      twisted panels are not very much of a big deal to build, just one
      piece of 1/4" plywood split longway and cutout to the shape on the
      plans, sprung and nailed in place.

      And in the end, I think that the Topaz Spyder looks more "boat like"
      which would have a big $$$ difference on the resale market for used
      boats. (While the boxy Tennessee has that "backyard plywood box boat"
      look that evokes doubt and dogma among the "right minded boatsman" who
      buy used boats. Also, my hunch is that the Topaz Spyder is a bit more
      seaworthy. I suspect that the blunt bow of the Tennessee might dig,
      broach and generally get in the way in rough water while crossing the
      bar, etc. Both of the boats would have astonishing efficiency
      cruising flat water.
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