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59686Re: Small boat vs. small boat

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  • Charles Rouse
    Feb 4, 2009
      - In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "graeme19121984" <graeme19121984@...>

      Hi, I have the plans for that boat, and the boat in the garage. I
      need to paint it and put on the rig. I hope to sail it this spring.
      The number on the plan is #597. There's no name, but the plan
      indicates it's for "Montgomery Boat Yard." It's more of a Stretch
      Tortoise than a Brick. I adapted the rig myself, using the Brick as
      an example.Mr. Payson has some information about this one in his
      latest book.

      Charles Rouse

      > There's Bolger's Big Tortoise (Payson calls it a Brick too). Little
      > extra weight than Tortoise, same pile of materials, for a longer
      > waterline.
      > [ Hey gang, what is the design number for this one? It is not on
      > group database, and Dynamite doesn't include it in his study plans
      > packet (yet it is in there on the price sheet). I've heard tell
      > it is actually a plan of Dynamite's own doing to compete with the
      > Brick as once offered by Bernie Wolfard, but Dynamite wouldn't mess
      > with PCB's name... eg. it is clearly marked as a "Phillip C Bolger"
      > plan, but I can't make out the number at the Instant Boats site:
      > http://www.instantboats.com/brick.htm ]
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