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59677Re: Small boat vs. small boat

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  • graeme19121984
    Feb 3, 2009
      There's Bolger's Big Tortoise (Payson calls it a Brick too). Little
      extra weight than Tortoise, same pile of materials, for a longer

      [ Hey gang, what is the design number for this one? It is not on the
      group database, and Dynamite doesn't include it in his study plans
      packet (yet it is in there on the price sheet). I've heard tell that
      it is actually a plan of Dynamite's own doing to compete with the
      Brick as once offered by Bernie Wolfard, but Dynamite wouldn't mess
      with PCB's name... eg. it is clearly marked as a "Phillip C Bolger"
      plan, but I can't make out the number at the Instant Boats site:
      http://www.instantboats.com/brick.htm ]

      Another small easily cartopped boat (the brief was for a pair of
      toppers), and well recommended by PCB, is the Peero. If thought too
      unstable, add stability like Gregg did:

      bet that sailed ok against wind and tide

      Plans and building guide are still here:


      and I believe the price is unchanged.

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