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59673Re: Tennessee Build.

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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Feb 3, 2009
      If you like "Gwen O The River", then you might try contacting PB&F
      about the "Captain Rebecca Thatcher" design. It appeared in MAIB a
      couple of years back, but I don't know if it's actually a finished
      design. If it is, it would be much more like Gwen than Tennessee.

      With respect to limited information about the Atkin design, I got the
      sense that the current business is run by a widow or other relative
      of one of the Atkins who may not have much additional information to
      provide. Perhaps someone else on this forum can provide more details.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "my48cj2a" <my48cj2a@...> wrote:
      > I am going to build the Tennessee. I like the shallow draft. It
      will be
      > perfect for the Indian river lagoon Where I live. That old time
      look is
      > great. While I have been talking about other boat builds this one
      > be first in line.
      > I had thought about building the Atkins "Gwen O' the river" but
      > Atkin & Co people have not been able to answer any of my questions
      > about it. And when they did it was one sentence and that was
      it. ???.
      > If I am not worth the time as a paying customer why build the boat?
      > Besides,I have seen pictures of the Tennessee in action. Nice
      > boat. I can't find any of the Gwen O' The River. If it could be a
      > trailerd boat we would see more of them(their loss). The Tennessee
      > be,and it is a fine looking boat in and out of the water. What got
      > hooked was the EstherMae and the Mangrove Mistress. Is anyone else
      > building one out there right now? If so please let me know I am
      > for all the info I can get. Any built of foam? Sternwheel?
      > Thanks all.I will post the build.
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