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59658Re: Small boat vs. small boat

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  • ladycathyofwales
    Feb 2, 2009
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      Even without racing, faster can be better. If you are sailing
      upstream against a current, or in tidal waters against the tide, even
      1 kt extra matters. Likewise, ability to sail closer to the wind can
      save you quite a bit of time when it's time to return to the dock.

      That said, after reviewing various comments on the Net about the
      Teal, I've concluded that it's too unstable to trust in anything
      close to open water (e.g., gunkholing in Massachusetts bays). Looks
      like a fun boat for inland lakes.


      > Cathy wrote:
      >> Bruce, having built both the Teal and Tortoise, what would
      >> you say are the advantages of the Teal, other than appearance?
      >> Does it sail better upwind?

      Bruce replied:
      > Sailing 'better' is such a subjective concept. The Teal is probably
      > faster, but faster isn't better unless the purpose is racing, or
      > transportation getting somewhere quick.
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