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  • Jim Michaels
    Feb 2, 2009
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      Anybody thought about a Junebug?   I've seen some beautiful Junebugs and they are very versitile (can be rowed, paddled or sailed).   I plan to build one next year, starting Jan 1, 2010 (I made a pledge to the family that I would take a year off of boat building).

      Jim in St. Louis

      --- On Mon, 2/2/09, David C. <d.cassidy@...> wrote:
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      Subject: Re: [bolger] Re: Small boat vs. small boat
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      Date: Monday, February 2, 2009, 8:20 AM

      I built an Elegant Punt several years ago to act as the tender to a Catalina 22. Nice boat. I always got compliments at the dinghy dock. I, too , would put two adults and two small kids in it (plus a couple of bags of stuff -- food, towels -- gas can) for rowing out to the mooring.

      I built exactly to the plans/specs, with the bottom covered in fiberglass. I could lift it into the bed of a pickup, or maybe even carry it a few feet hanging off my shoulder, but I would have had trouble putting it on the roof of a car by myself (It's not long enough to lift one end at a time as high as a car roof). With two people, it would be easy.

      I've never built the other two, but I have the plans and have studied them. I don't think any of these would be more or less difficult to build than the others. They're all pretty simple and about the same procedure -- cut out the sides -- join them with the stem/transom; put in the chines and gunwales; measure and install the bottom; finish the interior and the sailing bits; paint.


      ---- Jamie Orr <jas_orr@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > I built an Elegant Punt for/with my eight year old son because it

      > didn't need epoxy or glass, which meant he could safely help. It

      > turned out to be a great little boat, it carried the whole family

      > (four of us) while the kids were small (about ages 9 and 12) and it's

      > still in use 12 years later, protected only by oil paint over the fir

      > ply. It sails well enough with the standard instant boat rig, over-

      > the-side daggerboard and all.


      > Jamie


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      > >

      > >

      > > Looking at the smallest Bolger boats, I'm trying to determine the

      > > tradeoffs between Tortoise, Elegant Punt, and perhaps Teal. All 3

      > > seem to be simple one-man boats, with Teal a little harder to build

      > > but probably a better sailor. Are all 3 realistically car-toppable?

      > >

      > > Likewise, what are the tradeoffs between a Brick and the PDRacer

      > that

      > > has gotten so much attention?

      > >

      > > Cathy

      > >




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