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59374Re: [bolger] Re: Water Ballasted Chebacco

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  • Christopher C. Wetherill
    Jan 9, 2009

      You will see in my second post, that after spending a little more time
      thinking than spouting I came into agreement with your numbers. One
      question though. Since the modification you propose changes the
      displacement, did you run an evaluation on the effect of simply fitting
      the water in the unmodified volume?


      mcdennyw wrote:
      > Chris, the displacement figures refer to how much weight is required to
      > sink the boat down to its designed waterline. This includes the weight
      > of the boat itself plus the weight of people and gear.
      > On pg 229 Bolger says, referring to the 25'er, " The extra length adds
      > several hundred pounds to the half ton weight of the 20'er". Here he
      > is talking about the boat's weight, not displacement.
      > My Freeship model indicates the weight of the empty 20' boat is 1100
      > pounds and the 25 is a bit over 1400 lbs. 1100# is close enough to
      > a "half ton" to suggest the model is reasonably accurate.
      > I've towed a 1700# boat on a 600# trailer to Florida and back with the
      > RAV4 (2007, V6 engine). It drove OK but the gas mileage really sucked -
      > from its usual 24 down to 14 mpg.
      > Denny
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