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59372Re: [bolger] Water Ballasted Chebacco

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  • Christopher C. Wetherill
    Jan 9 5:59 AM

      Please excuse the terse nature of my last post. I claim the lateness of
      the hour. I have since spent a little more time with BwaOM. Loaded
      displacements below are per Mr Bolger's drawings. There is a further
      section in the book for a trailerable sharpie, based on Black Skimmer,
      called Martha Jane. Per drawings on page 248 and 249, this boat is
      designed for water ballast of 500 lbs seawater and loaded displacement
      of 2350 lbs. In the text he states the dry weight at 1300 lbs. Since
      he is talking about trailer sailing, I would presume he includes the
      weight of the rig. This implies the weight of crew and gear is around
      550 lbs. If this is a consistent value in his designs, one could infer
      that the 19.5' Chebacco would weigh less than 1200 lbs and the 25' one
      about 1750 lbs.

      If you want a boat that will dry out standing up, I would look at MJ.
      It's designed for water ballast and I doubt you will get more in 23.5'
      at under 1500 lbs on the trailer.


      Christopher C. Wetherill wrote:
      > Denny,
      > I have had a chance to check Boats with an Open Mind. Drawing on
      > page226 shows design displacement for plywood 19.5' Chebacco is 1740
      > lbs. Drawing on page 232 shows 25' at 2300 lbs.
      > V/R
      > Chris
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