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59355Re: [bolger] Re: Water Ballasted Chebacco

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  • eheins@corlink.com
    Jan 8, 2009
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      I have a very stock sheet ply version. No ballast. The CB is
      only weighted to the basic spec to facilitate lowering and staying
      down. I do not necessarily get significant wave noise when at
      anchor, but have never spent the night on board. I day sail it
      mostly. Never capsized, but I'm a conservative sailor I've only
      ever heard of one knockdown and that was in Penobsoct Bay as I
      recall, but I could have that wrong. A scary ride is relative. As
      I said, it's a big dinghy and needs to be handled with a sensitive
      hand on the main sheet. At least that's how I sail her. The
      rudder is surprisingly effective given the size and I tend to sail
      it through the wind. Being unballasted I try to think that it's a
      big laser and use the main to help tack. The mizzen at best is a
      steadying sail, and in many wind conditions more aesthetic than
      Be sure that it's cut dead flat by the way. I hear with any camber at all
      it induces some negative helm characteristics. I wouldn't know about that
      since I had Bohndell cut my sails to Bolger's specs and they are

      Hope this helps,


      > Glad to hear from an actual owner so quickly. Thanks.
      > Which variant do you have? Sheet ply? Lapstrake? Any ballast?
      > Weighted C'board?
      > Do you hear ripples slapping against the bottom at anchor?
      > Does the boat easily sail through the eye of the wind when you tack?
      > Ever had a capsize? Near capsize? Scary ride?
      > I appreciate your first hand info.
      > Denny Wolfe
      > www.wolfEboats.com
      > More comments below:
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, eheins@... wrote:
      >> As a Chebacco owner, I think that there are some interesting points
      > you've
      >> made, however, IMHO, changing the hull geometry is beyond where I
      > would go
      >> and still consider the boat a Chebacco. One of the Chebacco's
      > endearing
      >> points is it's ability to behave like a big dinghy, but stiffen up
      > once
      >> the chine goes under. I'd be surprised if a round bilge, water
      > ballasted
      >> configuration would improve on those characteristics.
      > The righting moment of the water ballasted boat is the same as no
      > ballast flat bottom at low angles of heel. The "above the waterline"
      > shape is the same in both cases so the form stability is the same
      > too. The water ballast begins to make itself felt at angles above
      > about 15 degrees and gets rapidly more significant as more of the
      > ballast is raised above the water line.
      >> it would make the boat probably more difficult to trailer given
      > that
      >> the flat bottom provides a stable platform to support in transit,
      > and
      >> I've trailered Boudicea thousands of miles without a worry.
      > I agree the trailer bunks would have to be a bit more complex to
      > accomodate the round bottom hull.
      > I won't get
      >> into the ongoing controversy about water ballast in general,
      > however I
      >> agree with the folks that discount the value, given that while the
      > water
      >> ballast is submerged, it's virtually neutral bouyant although it
      > adds some
      >> difference between the positive bouyancy of an air filled bilge.
      > I agree, too, that the water ballast can't make any righting moment
      > difference unitl it begins to go above the water surface. It doesn't
      > take much of a heeling angle to do that, however. Its weight
      > increases forward momentum so making the boat more sure through
      > stays. It has a negative effect on speed - about 10% at 5 kts - but
      > sail area could be increased proportionally to restore the speed.
      > If it
      >> were me, I'd continue looking for a current design that had more of
      > the
      >> characteristics you want, as my personal experience tends to be
      > somewhat
      >> like Finagle's Law in that anything I try to make better usually
      > results
      >> in something worse.
      > I hear you there!!
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