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59353Re: Water Ballasted Chebacco

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  • mcdennyw
    Jan 8, 2009
      Glad to hear from an actual owner so quickly. Thanks.

      Which variant do you have? Sheet ply? Lapstrake? Any ballast?
      Weighted C'board?

      Do you hear ripples slapping against the bottom at anchor?

      Does the boat easily sail through the eye of the wind when you tack?

      Ever had a capsize? Near capsize? Scary ride?

      I appreciate your first hand info.

      Denny Wolfe

      More comments below:

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, eheins@... wrote:
      > As a Chebacco owner, I think that there are some interesting points
      > made, however, IMHO, changing the hull geometry is beyond where I
      would go
      > and still consider the boat a Chebacco. One of the Chebacco's
      > points is it's ability to behave like a big dinghy, but stiffen up
      > the chine goes under. I'd be surprised if a round bilge, water
      > configuration would improve on those characteristics.

      The righting moment of the water ballasted boat is the same as no
      ballast flat bottom at low angles of heel. The "above the waterline"
      shape is the same in both cases so the form stability is the same
      too. The water ballast begins to make itself felt at angles above
      about 15 degrees and gets rapidly more significant as more of the
      ballast is raised above the water line.

      > it would make the boat probably more difficult to trailer given
      > the flat bottom provides a stable platform to support in transit,
      > I've trailered Boudicea thousands of miles without a worry.

      I agree the trailer bunks would have to be a bit more complex to
      accomodate the round bottom hull.

      I won't get
      > into the ongoing controversy about water ballast in general,
      however I
      > agree with the folks that discount the value, given that while the
      > ballast is submerged, it's virtually neutral bouyant although it
      adds some
      > difference between the positive bouyancy of an air filled bilge.

      I agree, too, that the water ballast can't make any righting moment
      difference unitl it begins to go above the water surface. It doesn't
      take much of a heeling angle to do that, however. Its weight
      increases forward momentum so making the boat more sure through
      stays. It has a negative effect on speed - about 10% at 5 kts - but
      sail area could be increased proportionally to restore the speed.

      If it
      > were me, I'd continue looking for a current design that had more of
      > characteristics you want, as my personal experience tends to be
      > like Finagle's Law in that anything I try to make better usually
      > in something worse.

      I hear you there!!
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