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59349Re: [bolger] Water Ballasted Chebacco

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  • Christopher C. Wetherill
    Jan 8, 2009

      I could not find the images in your link. It seems to me that water ballast, being neutral buoyant at best, has no appreciable effect until it is raised above the waterline. I will admit, however, that it has been several years since I took a class in ship stability.


      mcdennyw wrote:
      > Righting moment at 20 degree heel increases from 1040 to 1440 ft-lbs, at 40 degrees from
      > 1270 to 2520 ft-lbs. To put these numbers in perspective, at 20
      > degrees I create a righting moment of 390 ft-lbs sitting on the
      > windward seat; 320 ft-lbs at 40 degrees. So the water ballast is like
      > having 4 extra people sitting to windward when it's getting hairy.
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