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  • S Rose
    Dec 4, 2008
      Both sides? I'm surprised, I've read in many books that wood even plywood
      needs air to breathe thus one side only. Older books often refer to "paint
      outside oil inside"


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      Having worked a lot with ACX and boats, I strongly agree it needs
      glassing of both sides.

      A heavy boat is not all bad, because the increase in durability and
      improvement to stability are good things.

      One issue with a Teal, like all double ended boats, the 12 foot length
      has the same carrying capacity as a 10 foot transom boat, or an 8 foot
      punt boat.

      On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 5:29 AM, Don Ellenbrook <dschurricanes@
      <mailto:dschurricanes%40yahoo.com> yahoo.com> wrote:
      > This might sound crazy but I have read on some sites about the ACX plywood
      > thing & they tell me to glass it all... now we have a 12 footer that
      > a ton..I like mussing with boats painting & fixing things... to me its all
      > part of having a wood boat...Don

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