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  • David C.
    Nov 8, 2008
      I am a b to b magazine publisher, so I deal with copyright issues all the time (though I am not an expert in this very specific area concerning boat plans).

      There are provisions within the copyright laws that allow for making single copies for personal use. Not wanting to get involved in what is a highly technical and very complex area of law, many copy facilities simply have a blanket rule that they will not copy anythingt that has a clearly marked copyright holder. If it were found that those copies were later used to distribute the work more widely, Staples could be found liable.

      If you were just getting regular photocopies, then Staples saved you from what could have been a boatbuilding disaster. Photocopiers -- even the good ones --almost never copy at exactly 100%. In my experience, even professional grade copiers reduce the original by about 2%. If you were to try to take measurements off of such copies, you would be significantly off the original measurements. This might be of little consequence for a small open boat, but could prove a major headache in a more complicated project, like Moicro.

      Real blue prints do not have this flaw.

      I have heard that it is common for boatbuillders to request a second copy of an individual sheet or two of plans, due to the originals being shop stained beyond use. In his book about the boat, the original builder of Bolger's "Blueberry" mentions he did just that. The designer (as did Bolger in this case), will usually offer the replacement copy at a substantial discount.

      David C
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Chris Crandall <crandall@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > Well, I went to Staples to get my Micro plans copied so I could
      > > > scribble all over them and get epoxy on them and they said NO!
      > Seems
      > > > I have to write to Mr. Bolger and get permission! Now how does
      > that
      > > > work! Think they will take one of his handwritten letters as
      > proof.
      > >
      > >
      > > As far as I can tell, you're upset because a business followed the
      > law.
      > > Do you want us to be upset too?
      > >
      > I understand if someone was going to copy and sell plans,but i should
      > be able to copy plans for my own use.
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